VEX IQ brain stuck in DFU 2020

I am a middle school teacher. I have a vex iq robot brain that is stuck in DFU mode. When I connect it to the VEX os Utility it does not even recognize that the brain is there. There is no option to force an update. I have disconnected all motors and sensors and it still will not connect.

Did you take out the battery yet?

  1. Close Vex OS Utility
  2. Unplug brain from computer
  3. remove battery from Brain

Try again.

I have already done those steps several times.

Can you send a picture of what the brain is saying?


This brain has been in use for 1 week in my classroom.

Thank you,

In Device Manager in Windows, does the Brain show correctly when connected via USB?

To pile on to what @calvc01 is saying, there are USB cables that have only the power lines. We ran into that on a cheap purchase of $3 USB cables.


So the 4th laptop that I connected it to (just happened to grab a different one this time around). And it finally recognized the brain and updated.

Thank you for all the help.

As for the USB cables, is there a way I can tell the difference?

You may be facing a VEXOS install issue. I have a school that VEXOS will install, but the drivers install fails. I don’t know how your computers are managed, you should reach out and and ask about the install policy.

It’s my hard rule if they are less than $5 each, they don’t have all the wires.

Grab all of yours and test, if VEXOS sees the brain they are good. The others, cut into three and toss. Sorry to say this is how some things work.

Happy to hear you have a fix! Good luck on your season!