VEX IQ brain stuck in DFU


The VEX IQ brain was being updated with the latest firmware. It then showed a DFU information. This also happened in the 2nd VEX IQ brain. I tried switching off, removing battery, putting the battery back, pressing the arrows keys down and powering up. Nothing seems to be working.

Can you assist to explain how to reset and get it back working again.

I had the same issue, try uninstalling the firmware update program on your computer and reinstalling the program. Then hook the robot back up.


Please note that during the Robot Brain firmware update process, the Robot Brain may need to reboot. Usually the Robot Brain will reboot automatically, if it does not the Firmware Update Utility will display a popup box that says the following:

“If the Robot Brain has turned off, please turn it back on now. If it is already on, click OK to continue.”

If this occurs, press the Check button on the Robot Brain to turn it on, then the upgrade should continue automatically. If the Robot Brain is not turned back on, the installation is only half finished and the Robot Brain may revert back to DFU (Device Firmware Update) mode until the firmware is reloaded.

To reinstall the current version of the firmware, please reconnect the Robot Brain to your computer, turn on the Robot Brain, and open the VEX IQ Firmware Update Utility. Then go to Update in the menu bar, then go down to Reinstall Current Version > Robot Brain. Please do not press the arrow buttons on the Robot Brain during this process, since it may cause the Robot Brain to reset back into DFU mode.


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