Vex Iq Brain

My gen one Robot Brain is showing Invalid Brain Id, even tho this robot brain has been with us for years. Is there like a renewal process or something cause I am unaware of it. It happened in the middle of our big tournament. Thank god we don’t have one brain, we have several

Yeah, same kinda thing happened to me yesterday at a comp, I put the brain ID into multiple devices for vex code, changed the smart radio, and tried multiple different robot brains. All used brains were iq gen 1, so maybe a software error on the app when they added the option for gen 2? Seriously hope vex isn’t expecting us to all buy gen 2 kits just to download code…

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Just noticed on my brain if you go to system info it says v255.255.255.b255 for version, I am thinking of updating my brain on Vex Os to see if that works.

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