Vex IQ CAD and Virtual Worlds

How do I load a robot created in CAD into RVW to test it?

You can’t do this with RVW. You could build a mimic robot in Robot Mesh Studio and test in a virtual environment.


Can I set up the VEX IQ CAD to only have I Q parts? It appears that there are EDR parts also. It is difficult to see specifically which part I need without selecting it first. Is there a way to enter the part number or to hover over the part to see the number. This would make the CAD designing go much faster.

What virtual world will the VEX CAD work in? It would be a great student teaching tool if they could test their ideas virtually.

To the best of my knowledge, nothing but Robot Mesh Studio using the integrated Mimic function. There is no way to integrate CAD models in RVW.