VEX IQ CAD Models and 3D Printing Guide now available!

We are please to announce the release of CAD Models and our 3D Printing Guide for VEX IQ!

Advanced users can download the CAD models (in STEP format) for every VEX IQ element and import them into their favorite 3D modeling program. Create your own build instructions for complex mechanisms and robot assemblies, generate high-quality renders of parts and assemblies, or even use these as the basis for customized VEX IQ compatible parts made on your 3D printer!

Engineers and designers at VEX Robotics use 3D printing every day to prototype and test new ideas and products. Now you can create your own 3D printed parts by following the our new 3D Printing Guide for VEX IQ, which contains standard VEX IQ element dimensions and helpful tips for creating personalized, VEX IQ compatible elements.

Thanks for publishing these files. I am seriously considering to adapt them to be used in LDraw CAD system (and especially to SR3Dbuilder), as many people are used to these tools. It is also possible to create step by step building instructions with LPub


That would be cool. Would you have to write a program to convert them?


No, as for raw conversion I have everything I need. It just requires some more work to have them play well in LDraw environment (especially keep triangle count low enough and get correct snapping in SR3D).


That is awesome, LDraw will so much easier to use than VEX Assembler :slight_smile:

= Xander

That’s absolutely brilliant Philo. I’ve tried VEX Assembler and couldn’t make much of it. LDraw (MLCad or SR3D) is going to be so much more practical!

I am just starting to organize some week long IQ workshops and being able to easily create assembly instructions would be a huge help.

Progressing… (model created with SR3D builder using connectivity)

Progressing… (model created with SR3D builder using connectivity)
(edit: dunno why the image disappeared, tried to upload it again)