Vex IQ Certificate for Studetnts

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Is there a way to get this as a blank editable certificate? Recognizing all my students accomplishing within our club is something I’d like to do a better job of that, and I haven’t found any way to access this certificate in REC’s resources.

Thanks in advance!

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So it’s a little convoluted, but lets give it a try.

  1. Run Tournament Manager, build a dummy VIQ event. Do the minimal to generate the event.
  2. When it starts back up, top row: Tools, then Options then Awards
  3. At the bottom of the form is a place for Custom Awards, in the box put STEM Research Project Award and select Individual. Click on Add Award and it should show up in the list of awards.
  4. Click OK, and now click the Reports, Team Certificates, then Awards.
  5. Enter a date that the award is for. You should now see a page that says Excellence Award.
  6. Use the Arrows to move to find the page with your award. Mine was page 6 in my testing.
  7. Click print, and in the print dialog box, pick pages and enter in the page the award is on. Adjust number of copies as needed.
  8. Click print and you are all done!!

If you make it an individual award, on the awards page you can enter their name and print it if you want.

Good luck!!