Vex IQ Challenge Age of participant

Hi since last year there is a change in the way you can participate in ES or MS. First of all there is a lot of country in the world who don’t apply the American (or french) 5-4-3 but 4-4-4 this mean in this country based on age student in MS should compete in ES challenge. I think as many people say before that it’s time for VEX to change the level name. No more ES or MS but U12 and U15 should be more inclusive. Perhaps like for FLL it may be VEX IQ Challenge and VEX IQ Challenge Junior.

As my teams participate at a lot of blended turnament this year. I really prefer them to be separated. Student in 3rd grade competing with 8th grade is really not a good way to create passion. In the same time 8th grade student really don’t like to have a 3rd grade team for teamwork. And some times it may create non pleasant situation.


I am curious what region you are in. I try to hold all of my IQ events as elementary and middle separate, but I often don’t get 16 elementary teams. I’m in North Florida. In central Florida they have more teams and so they can usually host them separately.

I think everyone is in agreement that we should separate them as much as possible.

You could host your own events or just try and get more teams in your area registered to make it possible for this to happen.

I agree, we as a community need to get to some new titles for the new reality of how IQ is grouped.

Hi, we are in Turkey, the VEX programs start here 2 year ago, and we can say that the VRC platform reach a certain maturity, but the VIC is still to be stabilized. The main point is that our primary and middle school systems are different (4-4-4 in Turkey, 5-4-3 in USA). We separate the participant upon our system until now, but we need to be coherent with the global platform. So next year our middle school student will participate in “VEX IQ Challenge - Primary Division”…

In my region we have gotten very good at running competitions. We run elementary in the morning and middle school in the afternoon with i want to say around 40-60 teams per event. We normally do 5 matches and this works really well. There is no mixing between the two levels as it makes it more complicated for us in inspection, check in, pit areas and number of teams. I think they will be changing around the ruling for ages because i am currently a sophomore in high school but i still qualify as a middle school student. I don’t know if the will rename the 2 divisions but they will most likely change the age range.

They just established the divisions defined by age. It seems like there was a lot of support on both sides for Under 12 and Under 15 vs 12 and Under and 15 and Under. I don’t think it’s going to change any time soon.

Hi Chris I understand and support the new sistem. Just please change the name of it. There is actually not so much country where 11 year old student is in elementary School. Vex need to think global and change the name of their divisions. No more Elementary / Middle School, but U12 / U15 or anything else…

Actually, in indiana, 11 year olds are in elementary.