VEX IQ Challenge Field

I am considering buying a challenge field for my students.

My question is… Once the challenge field is put together, does it easily pick up and stay assembled, so I can lean it against a wall or something? I am a teacher, and I would like to use it during 2 class periods, but it has to easily be put away for my other 4 class periods. So I would need it 2nd and 4th periods, but not 1st, 3rd, 5th etc…

Hi @techguy,

I work at a school and we leave our field assembled. I am able to pick it up and lean it against our wall by myself although I am always happy when a student or another adult volunteers to help. We always remove our platforms and the score zone placards though because we don’t want to risk them getting bent . Hope that helps! :slight_smile:


Thanks Adam! I think the field will work for me.

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But a new game comes out every year. For crossover, a couple years ago, this would not have worked so well…

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but will the Challenge Field still be the same? I have heard that a new game/challenge comes out each year, but will I still be able to use the same field?

Also, when does the new challenge usually come out?

Yes, the field is the same year-to-year, it’s the pieces that attach to the field that change.

(but note that the VIQC field is growing next season, from 4x8 ft to 6x8 ft! You will be able to use the same field tiles and edge pieces next season, you’ll just need 50% more of them.)

The new game will be released immediately following the final matches of this year’s world championship - for VIQC, that’s April 28th this year.

Thanks for the info.

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