VEX IQ Challenge to VEX IQ Competition

Slap shot and competition. Could it be a 1v1 or 2v2 like VRC?

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So VEXIQ has never been 1V1, it’s a 1W1, it’s cooperation. I don’t see them changing something so unique in robotics.


I don’t think you can turn it into a 1v1, that’d require a complete overhaul of how IQ games are designed.

Plus the fields are tiny to have 1v1.

also historically vex IQ do not make good battle bots (personal experience )

It will never be battle bots, or allowed to contact each other in an offensive way at all bots, ever. The disparity between an established middle school team and a first year elementary team at a blended event is significant. They are not going to allow 8th graders to ram and damage a 3rd graders robot.

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That’s for sure. Even VRC is not battlebot style.


VRC Competitions like Gateway have divided the field into 1v1 on half the field (which is only 8 square feet less than an IQ field). I don’t think we can rule it out, but I think it’s just a simple branding change.


I think we can definitely rule it out. In the Worlds Drivers’ Meeting, Grant Cox said something like,

VEX IQ has always been and will continue to be about teamwork.
[not an exact quote]

How is there teamwork if you’re competing against the other robot on the field?


It could be teamwork if it was a 2v2, but again, the fields are way too small for a 2v2

Bigger Field?

I am hoping so because if the IQ field is as big as VRC our Mentor will let us do Middle VRC instead of VIQC


Heck no man, I aint buying another bigger field. My entire living room is already filled up. I want a terrain game that requires an complicated game element, and you have to experiment with different drivetrains to cross other obstacles.


Nah man, we are having a game that only has one meta design and if you do not have that design you cannot be competitive, wait a minute, that sounds like the current game! (Yea I do not like pitching in)

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Well we have to wait a week for the game to unveil. I am thinking of doing a 24 hour thing.

happy birthday :smile:
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I guess I found an error in the game manual

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