VEX IQ Charger LED Status?

Is there a chart that shows meaning behind the LED on the VEX IQ charger?
I just noticed mine flashing green. Why?
Sometimes I’ve seen them flash red. From reading other posts that means something is wrong. What’s wrong? I have heard everything from the charger needs replaced to the battery voltage is really low. I am guessing there are other means such as over temperature or no peek voltage detected. And like some of the other VEX LEDs there could be fast flashing and slow flashing. Documentation?

Flashing green is over-temperature I think. Pretty sure it’s in the control system manual somewhere, I’ve definitely seen it documented but can’t quite remember where!

While maybe not the format you’re looking for this has the info you are looking for:

Thanks for that link. I had not seen that before.
Also I just received a new kit today and in the plastic with the charger is a little piece of paper with a bunch of fine print but in the corner is a little table that lists the meaning of the four states. I cut it out and taped it to the charger. I wish they would print that table on the charger it’self.