VEX IQ Clutch robot turning touble!

My team’s Clutch robot is very slow to turn right. Left turning is perfect but right turning is extremely slow. Is this an easily fixable problem or do we have to reassemble the entire assembly?

Can we see the code? It might be a coding problem.

Or add Omni wheels to the front! Cause skidding the regular wheels isn’t a happy thing to do.


Also make sure nothing is rubbing on the wheels, could even be a smart cord!


Can you post some pictures? It may be a physical problem. Typically won’t be a coding problem unless the code is specifying different speeds when turning left vs right.

maybe try a different joystick/controller, the sticks might move differently in different directions because of manufacturing tolerances or a sticky controller (tell ur mates to stop eating lollies while driving :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: jk)