Vex IQ color sensor

Can the color sensor detect different colors of light as well as detecting colors? Also what is the range on the color sensor and how can I program it using either ROBOTIC or modkit. Modkit preferably.

Since the sensor can work by reflexion using ambient light, I see no reason why it could not detect different colors of light. TThe sensor can be used in different modes, returning either a color code, or hue/saturation information.


The Color Sensor works by detecting rays of light - whether that light is directly form a source like the sun or a light bulb or is reflected off the surface of an object.

The Color Sensor works best for small objects at distances of less than 150mm (6in). Large objects can be seen from further away.

There are sample programs available in RobotC under the File > Open Sample Programs menu that showcase the various different modes available. There is a sample program for Modkit shown here:…dkit-for-vexiq


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