Vex IQ Communication Between Brain and Computer?

Is it possible to upload data from the Vex IQ brain to my computer after a manual run?

-Team 1069V

Welcome 1069V! I don’t believe so, but I could be wrong.

No, this would not be possible. What kind of data are you hoping to capture?

I am wanting to Save the data from a manual run so that I can take the data and make it into an autonomous program so that it might be more reliable

Like @BroccoliBook said, I don’t think that this is possible with VEX IQ, but I could be wrong.

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I think I may have seen something with V5, but I myself never tried it. I don’t think it works with IQ. Sorry, man. Have you seen this thread?

I think he means a rerun program.

I don’t know if this is possible for IQ, but it would be interesting to try.
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Yeah, I was a little confused by what they meant. Anyway, hope that helps!!!

Hey, since you are trying to do a “follow the human” type activity take a look at this video by @tubodog

@turbodog did a great post Universal tool to help with autonomous programming. that may help you out.

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We have a MUCH better one now.

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Of course you do :slight_smile: we are just waiting for you to share it with us.

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First, go watch the video linked. It sets the background. Also, it’s quite good and does work well. You can use it to program auton. Team did this method, collected data, and got almost a perfect auton run on the first try.

Second, it can be better. Write code that assigns movement functions to different buttons, NO joysticks.: forward, backwards, turns, activate intake, activate launcher, etc. I would NOT run drivetrain at full speed.

Third, add to this code… display to the brain: # wheel revolutions (left/right), intake revs, launcher revs, etc. Have another button that resets these counters.

Fourth. Drive the bot in ‘steps’ using the buttons. At each ‘step’ read data from the brain, record on paper, then reset counters and proceed to next ‘step’.

This method is more ‘open ended’ so you don’t have to crawl across the field 1 inch at a time.

Or maybe you could write the 1" code, and use an up/down button to adjust the movement amounts so it goes more quickly. High amounts for large move, then smaller amounts when you get close to a goal.

Guess you could display results to the controller to save time… don’t have to look at the brain each time.


Sorry. Did not notice this was iq. Stick with the video. The additional info was for v5… more buttons, more abilities.

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