VEX IQ comp question

We are a school team and usually hold VEX IQ comps to raise money. We could not hold any due to time constraints but we’re wondering if we could hold an off-season scrimmage on April 16th. Would this have enough demand. Or do most teams take their robot apart immediately after comp? We plan on charging each team $35 and have a large base if teams. We have the capacity to host up to 75-80 teams.


That’s a lot of teams. Depending on your region though, you might be able to fill it up. The earlier you advertise it, the more teams will sign up. If you tell a lot of people about it, you’re going to get more sign-ups.

If you are looking to make money though an event, make sure to sell food at the event too: breakfast, snacks, lunch, (t-shirts), etc. I can tell you from personal experience that it makes good money buying ten pizzas for the teams that forgot (and giving teams the chance to pre-order them).

However, I’m pretty sure there are easier ways to raise money for a VEX IQ team than through running a competition. Tournaments are a LOT of work, logistics, coordination, planning, and learning.

I might suggest asking people for donations. Parents, uncles, aunts, to great grandparents and business executives, I’ve gotten donations from them all, and I have no doubt you could too. All you have to do is ask.

Sure, some people won’t give you anything, but the number of people that will give you some money for a robotics program just because you asked (and told them how awesome you are) is staggering.


I would look at the list of teams registered for worlds to identify demand. Target those teams and offer an event to keep their competition skills up while preparing for worlds. Teams that aren’t world qualified are still invited to help the world teams prepare.


We have a big IQ event here in April, so yes there is demand. Just need to get the word out NOW that you are thinking about doing this since teams will be taking apart robots starting this week.


We are also hosting an IQ scrimmage on April 2: a chance for teams to practice more for Worlds; and for some teams in Michigan, they weren’t allowed (by their schools) to travel previously, so they’ll get a chance to compete at least a little this year.