VEX IQ Competitions - Arizona

Hello everyone I am new to VEX IQ challenge and can’t wait for the 2021 - 2022 season to start! The reason for my post trying to see with there are any Arizonans that can help me learn how tournaments are run here in Arizona! Also, I am trying to get information on how many competitions will be held in Arizona throughout an past season.

Also with there is anyone that would like to help give me some pointers or advice that would be amazing!


There’s a great Facebook page dedicated to adult coaches. “VEX IQ Worldwide Coaches Association.” I’d recommend you joining them asking this question there. You may get more response there. And don’t forget to answer the three simple screening questions


Welcome! You can use to find other events / teams in your area.

If you disregard the 2020-21 season (thanks COVID), it looks like there were 18 VIQC events in Arizona for the past “full” competition season.

Your REC Foundation Regional Support Manager can also be a great resource for any specific questions you may have.

+1 for the Facebook Group mentioned above.


Thank you for the information I will definitely join the Facebook page!

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