VEX IQ Controller Charging Power Specs Needed

Will a 5 volt, 2 AMP wall charger be too much energy to charge a VEX IQ Controller? Directions say to use a laptop, or wall charger. Most laptops USB ports output 500 mA, while most wall chargers output 2 Amps. I look forward to your answer.

This is a question of “Current Draw” vs “Current Available” Your charger has the capacity to supply 2 Amps, so there is 2 amps available.

My IQ controllers draws slightly less than 1 amp. (Based on one of those USB Current measurement devices). So your charger that supplies 2 amps will be more than enough. It should take about 50 minutes to fully charge a controller.

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To expand on this, it is perfectly safe to use a power supply capable of supplying more current than the controller will draw - you can use any USB power supply to charge your controller.

Thanks for the info. I wanted to make sure too many amps wouldn’t fry the remote battery.