VEX IQ corner connectors and license plates

It looks like RECF removed the rule allowing VEX IQ corner connectors for mounting license plates in VRC.

Last year, (Tower Takeover), Rule R5b stated:

VEX IQ pins and corner connectors used solely for the purpose of attaching VEX Team Identification Number Plates are permitted.

This year (Change Up), Rule R6b (the equivalent rule) states:

VEX IQ pins used solely for the purpose of attaching VEX Team Identification Number Plates are

Unless this was an oversight, it looks like they have removed one of the most convenient ways of mounting license plates. Unfortunately, I haven’t registered the team for this season yet, so I can’t ask in the Q&A at this point. If someone else wants to clarify this, feel free.

I am attaching a picture of they license plate mounting the team developed for last year. It was effortless to swap plates.

Regardless, have a great season, have fun, and try to learn as much as possible!



This is a question you ask in the official Q&A to be rectified. It’s happened before with Loctite, and although I expect it to be treated the same way, it’s a technicality that I don’t want a team to stick up about.

…wait, did any of us officially ask about Loctite this year? Wasn’t this technically an issue with this game manual as well?


Fair enough. I haven’t registered the team yet, so I can’t ask yet.

Good catch on the Loctite. It is also missing from this year’s manual. Didn’t they do the same thing last year with Loctite?

they usually forget one or two things like loctite, and fix it if you bring it up in the q&a.

I’m not convinced this omission disallows using those corner connectors to mount plates - since license plates are non-functional decorations per <R27> anyway, you can use whatever you want to mount them. VRC teams have been 3D-printing license plate mounts for years under the same logic, and that’s been fine.

(and yeah, those connectors are great for mounting the plates - with such a simple and effective solution there’s no excuse not to have quick-change plates. IMO they should include a few with every license plate kit.)