VEX IQ Divisions

For worlds theres
Science A,B
Tech A,B
Engineering A,B
Maths A,B
So is there 8 Skills Champions, 16 Teamwork Champions, 8 Excellence Champions etc, or do champs from each division face each other

Where’d you see that? I didn’t think division information had been made public yet for any of this year’s Worlds events.

In any case, how it has worked historically is:

  • There is some format for the teamwork challenge champions from each division to “play off” against each other to crown an overall teamwork champion
  • Skills is not separated by division, all umpteen teams are playing against each other in the skills challenge, with one skills champion.
  • There is a single Excellence Award for the whole event.
  • Other judged awards (Design, Innovate, Think, Amaze, etc.) are awarded within each division – so there will be one Design winner from each division, one Think winner from each division, and so on.

I believe he got this from last season’s LRT World Championship. Like you said, it is now a waiting game to see when they will get released for each division.

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