VEX IQ Drivers

During a competition I have had a team member not show because of sports or illness for more than one team at a competition causing one driver situations. When both one drivers are matched together do they select a member of their own team or from other teams? If it is from the same team would this cause conflict of one driver two robots. Also what if the other team only has two drivers. Do I tell this school that they can’t compete?

This scenario is covered by rule <G3> from the VEX Highrise Game Appendix. I’ve quoted the rule below and bolded some text for emphasis.

Thus is the case where a team only has one Student to be a Driver, they will need to borrow a Student to Drive from their Alliance partner. If their Alliance partner does not have any available Students, the team would be forced to operate with only one Driver, with this single Driver only operating the Robot for a maximum of 35 seconds.