VEX IQ Elementary Competitions Grade Levels

Hello all,

This may have been a previous change but I noticed on the REC site, it lists VEX IQ as 4th-8th grade while previously I know it started with 3rd grade. Can anyone officially confirm that 3rd grade cannot compete in VEX IQ or is it really 3rd-8th grade.

I’m working on preparing our leagues for the coming season and I want to make sure I tell my elementary schools the correct grade levels.

Any Student born after May 1, 2010 (i.e., who will be 12 or younger at VEX Worlds 2023).

This is the definition according to the game manual for an elementary student.


Adding on specifically, there is no minimum age for Vex IQ, just upper age limits to define who can compete as Elementary or Middle.


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