VEX IQ Fling Catapult

So, my robot is built and everything but when ever we run the code the arm will go down and will not release and fling. We setup the code as Vex says to do it, but still no luck.


Does the bumper switch stop your code briefly until another button is pressed?

A screenshot of your code and a video of your bot will go a long way to getting you the correct help.


the screenshot and video will have to wait for tomorrow. i don’t have that class today sorry.
yes the code stops with the bumper is pressed

Spoiler: It is supposed to stop when the bumper is pressed, that is why the bumper is there, to set the ‘down’ position.

Keep working to figure out how you can ‘launch’ the ball after the arm has stopped in the lower position and you have a ball loaded and ready for takeoff.

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ok thank you for the support

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