VEX IQ four sided connector

Does VEX sell four sides corner connector pieces individually? They arent anywhere I could find on the vex website, but I know they exist cause they’re literally in the field set-up kits. Are they just a field thing?
Here is the closest I could find, they have the two and three sides in this pack, just not four.

Do you mean these guys: image

If so, they are “worm drive brackets” and re in the Gear add-on kit Gear Add-On Kit - VEX Robotics

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I think OP means this part:

which has pins on all 4 sides.


OK. Not a standard part, yet. New parts created for a current seasons’ game elements don’t generally become legal parts until the next game season. So they wouldn’t be available til next year.

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FWIW that screenshot is from this season’s legal parts appendix.


That’s interesting (and I think new this year, then). So you could buy another set of field elements to get the part (a bit pricey for my taste, though) and use it legally.

The individual parts availability for IQ is often frustrating (almost everything is in some sort of kit); on the other hand, 90% of IQ teams don’t even know there are parts available outside of a superkit (and I’m not going to tell them, either). I stock every part available in our team stores, but the team’s themselves have to have enough motivation to look for them!