VEX IQ Gen 2 Brain


Our team just got the Gen 2 brain and used it for our Autonomous now (We had an Autonomous for a Gen 1 brain we were using before, but now on the Gen 2 Brain it doesn’t work), but while testing we had 2 questions

  1. Does the positioning of the brain matter for the values, like are values affected due to the fact that the Gen 2 brain has a Build-in Gyro sensor? And if so, is there an advantage between the brain being placed horizontal & vertical because at competitions we saw that the teams that were scoring high points in autonomous with a Gen 2 brain had the brain placed horizontally, but ours is placed vertically.

  2. When we say for our robot to rotate a certain amount of degrees, say 90 degrees to the left sometimes the robot turns the amount, and then wiggles left and right 2-3 times again and then stops rotating which causes problems for our Autonomous . So, my question is: If you can somehow eliminate this problem from happening, or at least reduce it. (We have the Inertial Sensor activated)


The positioning of the gyro shouldn’t matter, I think. also, for your problem in the second one it sounds like a problem with your PID so i would try to adjust that. Otherwise, this issue sounds a little weird. A video would be appreciated might help us identify the problem.

The brain does detect which way is “down,” if that helps. I don’t have experience myself, but a few people have commented that.

For the most part no. We do base calibration of the IMU at the factory with the brain horizontal, there’s a small chance that with the brain vertical a full rotation may be a couple of degrees off, there will be a KB article released soon that will explain how full recalibration can be done if necessary.

The drivetrain will use a simple P loop to do turns. The success of these if very dependent on how the robot is built, we cannot compensate for all the various robot wheel and chassis combinations. If you are programming using text, you can change the proportional constant using setTurnConstant, the default is 1.0 so perhaps reduce to 0.8 and see if that improves things.


Was the referenced KB article released? I found a KB regarding deep calibration, It directs that the brain be placed on a flat surface for re-calibration. The article indicates that this procedure will need to be redone if the brain is mounted vertically, but does not elaborate as to how. It would seem that some sort of jig would need to be built to allow the Brain to be rotated around a vertical axis through the center of the Brain in order to accomplish an accurate deep calibration in a vertical configuration. Any thoughts?

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