Vex Iq gen 2 order keeps on getting delayed

It is august of 2022, it has been 3 months since I ordered gen 2 and I called them the first time in may and they said June to July then when I called in July they told me July August. Now If I call them today they will say August September. It’s a never ending cycle. I talked to many other people that ordered gen 2 on the same week as us and they got it in July. Does any one know when gen 2 arrive to people who ordered and never got it.

If you generation 1 electronics are still usable, and you’re just after the new parts that are included with the Gen 2 IQ set, you can buy the following two kits, then add the “system bundle” next year when it finally becomes available.:

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My gen 1 electronics are fried up so I really in need for this gen 2 brain.

Semiconductors don’t magically appear by yelling at them.
All robotics vendors are going through tough times right now, and there’s no clear vision of the future. Patience is key.