Vex IQ Gen 2 shipments

So I order the VEX IQ competition back on September 1. With a ship date of “end of September” . So I call to check on status, the base kits are starting to ship now but competition kits not till sometime in December. Thank You Vex you did it to me again, Over promise and under perform. If I would have known in September that delivery would be 3+ months away I would have used the money for something else and waited. At least VEX got a nice 6 week interest free loan.

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I believe that it was previously established that the competition kits would come in later. Considering that I lack the knowledge as to how the product is manufactured and shipped, I believe that too harshly criticizing VEX may be a little to much. There are multiple global crises occurring all over the world and the fact that they did release the new IQ gen 2 during the chip crisis is incredible. I understand what you are experiencing, but the many struggles that VEX has to overcome may lead to the delay in shipping.


Your right its not like Vex ever promised a delivery and missed the promised date ( VEX V5 5 months late). At no point was I ever give an update on delivery. I teach at a school with a very limited budget. If I had known about a long lead time I would have put the money to better use.

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A bird in the hand is worth two in the field. How many of your Gen 1 Superkits did you sell off?


We have more than enough Gen 1 kits. I sold off unopened kits that are not being used. I wanted to start a Robotics club after school and thought the Gen 2 would be a good place to start. I will just use a Gen 1 kit for the club.

Gen 1 kits for your club will put you in line with 99.9% of the Vex IQ world. Your day 2 order status will also ensure you have a competition kit before anyone else. Congrats.

Anyone received their kit in the last few days? What was your order date?

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