Vex Iq Gen 2

Our ports started going missing. I tried power cycling and factory resting and it still won’t work. I have a comp in a week and I am not looking forward to use gen 1 brain.

You’ve been here awhile, so you can do a better job of details. What does going missing mean? Are they no longer working? Were they motor ports, sensors? Did they stop in mid-match? What makes you think it’s a software issue?


I fixed it, I connected a gen 1 brain with a gen 2 battery connected via motor port to a gen 2 brain and it powered on. Reseted it and started working.

Wow, what do the two brains think they see? And why would the battery types make a difference.

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I can make a demonstration after our comp this week. We just revived our 5th gen 2 battery but we only have 1 gen 2 brain.

Gen 2 brains are cool but they are a little complicated to use for the new poeple but they are a beast