Vex IQ Gen2 Brain Slot Failures

Is there a way to do memory check on the Vex IQ gen2 brain? Does Vexcode do a code verify on download to ensure what was desired to be written worked?

When a program is downloaded to slot 1, frequently, but not always a ‘program invalid’ message is displayed. Other times the problem fails in odd ways. Other times the Vexcode download run buttons are grayed out. Other times it works fine. Power cycling the brain won’t recover it. When it is in this bad state VexCode has to be closed and re-opened and the brain has to have the battery pulled.

When the exact same program is downloaded over the same exact cable to a different slot everything is fine. No problems or issues.

Is anyone else having this problem or is there a way to run a hardware memory check?

sounds like you have flash memory failure, if you are at worlds next week come by tech support and we can take a look, otherwise, give vex support a call.


Thank you, we will come see you at worlds. Slots are failing quickly. We lost another slot today.

Does VexcodeIQ download do a verify? If the download succeeds, can we be confident the program in flash is correct?

VEXcode verifies a download, however, flash can fail in more than one way, the program may appear to have been correctly received but can be found to corrupted when read back later for execution. Depending on where the error is, the program may fail to run or just crash the Gen2 brain. So no, if this has been happening often on this IQ2 brain, I would have no confidence in any programs stored on it. Come by tech support and ask for James or Levi.

A program slot on the brain is not in a fixed area of memory, we use a file system to even out wear on the flash. So just picking a different slot is not the answer.


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