I made a small four-wheeled omniwheel platform with an arm on it. My little brother has a GoPro, so we figured we could combine the two and have a little fun with it.



I wrote a blog post about it, it has some pictures in it, too:


= Xander

You should turn the brain 180° to be able to read the screen :wink:

My dog runs from the room when I run a robot!

@Philo, I thought of that but there’s nothing really interesting on the screen to warrant recabling the whole thing.

@whitepass, My dogs are so used to robots now, they usually don’t even pay attention to them when they drive around. To them it’s just movable furniture :slight_smile: When my cat was still alive, he’d swat at them if they bumped into him, but other than that, he’d just ignore them as well.