VEX IQ Hub Missing Skills Rules

My VEX IQ Hub App on Android is missing Skills Rules for Rise Above. Is everyone else seeing the same?

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Yes, I’ve flagged it so hopefully sorted soon.

What was the point of saying that, you added nothing to a topic that didn’t really need that kind of input (especially at the amount of time, 5 months later…)!


Is this a bump post?
I won’t lie, it’s getting quite annoying at this point @Sharky_do


I nerver Saw the date, sorry

@Sharky_do I heavily suggest you read my pm to you


Cooldude, we have been paying a lot of attention to you lately, while you didn’t pay your share. It isn’t fair!

You owe us a lot of attention - probably a few months worth of it.

I am sure DRow could arrange this time off the forum for you, if you don’t read carefully what @Gameoa said in that PM and follow the rules.