VEX IQ I2C communication and API


Dear product manager:

I am writing to urge you to open up the VEX IQ I2C communication and API with proper documentation and sample codes.

I have VEX IQ, LEGO, and Arduino kits in my robotic club. I like the VEX IQ structural/mechanical parts because they are larger, simpler, and more functional than LEGO for junior high students.

However, I am frustrated by the close nature of the VEX IQ electronics and software interfaces. It limits the re-usability and learning potential of VEX IQ components. In contrast, there are books, articles, and software libraries supporting LEGO I2C interface with the popular Arduino. All these public-domain knowledge add great value to the LEGO motor/sensor components as a better long-term investment because advanced students can re-use them with Arduino.

Clearly, LEGO has greater market share and mind share than VEX. But VEX is not helping to expand its fan base by wrapping itself up with close-source non-reusable components.

Thank you for your considerations.




We understand that there are users that want to go above and beyond the VEX IQ ecosystem and use our products with other devices.
While we don’t have any officially provided documentation on the I2C interface, our community has created some on their own. A good place to start is with James Pearman’s (Form User: jpearman) resources.

Thanks for your interest in VEX IQ!