VEX IQ in a small space. Looking for creative ideas!

I don’t know if there’s a better place to ask but I wanted to know if there were any other programs that deal with a space small enough to need to make their 8’x6’ field mobile. I’m guessing most organizations have a larger area to compete, but we sadly have a stem lab of 300 square feet that is shared with other supplies and 20 kids on a yearly average basis. There’s absolutely no space for the field (it barely fit when it was still 8’x4’. Does anyone have a suggestion of anything that exists that could act like a mobile folding cart where the field is folded upright for transportation. because we could roll it to our gymnasium for practice if that were the case. I would have funds to spend a fair bit if there were some industrial cart type device that is out there somewhere. I figured this was the best chance to find some creative idea I had missed. Thanks in advance for any ideas!

@kmmohn has plans for a fold-up field riser here:


This is fantastic. Thanks so much!

Here is a bit more up-to-date link for the fold-up field riser that @holbrook posted: Flip-down IQ Field Riser - Google Drive

Plans for other field risers, VRC and IQ, wood and aluminum, are here: FIELD RISER PLANS - Google Drive


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