Vex IQ independent team

So, me and my little brother were talking about starting an independent vex IQ team. I know this is possible in EDR but, I was wondering about how things work in vex IQ. I’m in my junior year of high school and he’s a fifth grader. I was wondering what it would take for he and his friends to start a team.

Thanks, Zeta

From what I know it would be significantly cheaper than EDR. But I doubt its any different than being one in EDR

thanks for the help!

We started a homegrown team this year. Registering the team and signing up for an event proved to be rather easy. Send me a PM if you need any help.
We got a full field and game pieces, a super kit, foundation kit, competition kit, long shaft kit, and gear add-on kit. I’ve heard there are some delays with shipping some parts; you may want to work with VEX (or a reseller) to see if they can deliver parts as they come available rather than ship all at once.

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thanks mtaylor, I’ll move this to pms then

Starting an EDR team is more difficult, as scouters are often not required. And since with IQ the cost is much lower, there wouldn’t be as many funding issues.

We have a number of independent teams. (Home schools, affiliated with a Library, Boys/Girls (club/scouts), etc.

VIQ is inexpensive to do as a independent team. Check around to see what other groups you can practice and possibly build with.

Good luck!

thanks for the advice! What are good places and ways to acquire sponsorship/grants?

You can look at the Vex robotics website, one of their recommended ways was to buy Hexbugs in bulk and sell them.,

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You can go to Grants - REC Foundation for funding support. Make sure you read the requirements for each grant.

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Word of warning for the REC grants: We applied for one, got the feedback that they are really looking to fund school-based, sustainable teams that can document growth (or the potential thereof).