Vex IQ: Joystick moving robot in opposite direction, how to fix it using block code

Joystick moving robot in opposite direction, how to fix it using block coding. I’m using drivetrain not individual motors. I’ve had to use the default drive program in the 2nd generation brain, split arcade to bypass my problem, but this limits my motor speeds.

When you are using the controller, have you simply configured this through the controller configuration under the devices menu? If so, you have most likely got the left and right motors in the incorrect ports in the Drivetrain configuration. Try going into drivetrain configuration in the Devices menu and swapping your left and right ports there.

Go to the devices tab and click on the drivetrain. There should be an arrow pointing in one direction. Move it to the other direction.

Thank you for responding. I physically swamped/changed the connection of the left and right motor ports, and that didn’t work, then I went into the devices and swapped! changed the drive train motor ports 1,6 in the device menu and that still didn’t work. However, when I use the default program in the brain device menu it works normal, but I have limited speed on some motors.

The goal is to be able to use a code where I can set the motor speed to 100 or close to 100 and be able to drive the robot normal

@VexThirteen mentioned change the arrow direction under the Drivetrain. By switching cables you are flipping left and right. This flips forward and backward direction.

Thank you for responding. When I click on the arrow in the vex code, IQ software drivetrain settings, it only changes the forward or backward directions. It doesn’t change the right or left directions.

You flip turning by switching cables or by changing the motor settings at the top. The Drivetrain arrows flip forward and backward direction.

If it’s not turning correctly flip the motors and once you have the that correct, if the direction isn’t right then flip the drivetrain arrow.

So flip physically the motors ? And if that doesn’t work do the arrow?


If turning wrong: Switch motor numbers in Drivetrain. Example: If you have port 1 for left and 7 for right then use port 7 for left and 1 for right.

If Forward / Reverse wrong: Change the arrow in the Drivetrain

IT WORKED!!! Thank you so much. We had been struggling with this for several competitions. We really appreciate your help. Thanks

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