VEX IQ Legal Parts List, VEX IQ CAD Step files and the Hybrid Gear Pack

I needed to validate the use of the new hybrid gears especially a 24-Tooth-24-Tooth 90 degree mesh… and found the following -

The Hybrid Gear Pack released the following
12-Tooth Hybrid Gear
24-Tooth Hybrid Gear
36-Tooth Hybrid Gear
48-Tooth Hybrid Gear
60-Tooth Hybrid gear

The VEX IQ Legal Parts Catalog shows the following on Page 30 -
228-2500-2180 8-Tooth High Strength Hybrid Gear
228-2500-2181 16-Tooth High Strength Hybrid Gear
228-2500-2182 24-Tooth High Strength Hybrid Gear

The STEP file released in August includes
228-2500-2180 8-Tooth Hybrid Gear
228-2500-2181 16-Tooth Hybrid Gear
228-2500-2182 24-Tooth Hybrid Gear

Can someone point me to the latest zipped collection of VEX IQ parts STEP files that includes the latest models?

Thanks in advance.

John Yamashita

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Hi John,

Cad files should be available in the “Download All VEX IQ CAD” link

Can’t wait to see what you do with the Hybrid gears!



Can we use those for VRC? Please?


I’m looking at the file that is on the CAD Resources for VEX IQ page (VEX Library / IQ / Mechanical /)

There are only 3 files with “Hybrid” in their name are -
228-2500-2180 8-Tooth Hybrid Gear
228-2500-2181 16-Tooth Hybrid Gear
228-2500-2182 24-Tooth Hybrid Gear

The file does NOT include -
228-2500-250 12-Tooth Hybrid Gear
228-2500-251 24-Tooth Hybrid Gear
228-2500-252 36-Tooth Hybrid Gear
228-2500-253 48-Tooth Hybrid Gear
228-2500-254 60-Tooth Hybrid Gear

When I look at the Zip file dated 2022-08-11, same thing.

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I’ve done some things with the hybrid gears in VIQ and they hold up pretty well. Lego Technic has similar gears, Yoshihito Isogawa has some examples on how to use them in his Lego Technic Idea Book series. (Highly recommended)

Using them for VRC takes some effort, the tooth depth is a critical part of how well they work. In IQ because of the way the corner connectors work, beam joints are 90 degrees and the hole locations and tolerances are always very close.

VEX metal has slop in c-channel joints, and bearing blocks are a must. If you keep tolerances tight in the build the hybrid gears work pretty well, any kind of slop there is chatter and tooth jumps.

Loading is a problem, the faces are small so heavy loads are an issue. If your build skills are always reaching for double wides, then the hybrids won’t make you happy.

Having said all that, I’d like to see the GDC allow these gears. It would be easy, just the add in of a SKU number. For smaller mechanisms these would be a great addition.

Looking forward to what John comes up with in their CAD designs.


Thanks for finding that. I’ll have to update the all parts document.

In the meantime, Here are those files.

60-Tooth Hybrid Gear (228-2500-254).STEP (12.6 MB)
48-Tooth Hybrid Gear (228-2500-253).STEP (9.0 MB)
See below for 36 tooth hybrid gear
24-Tooth Hybrid Gear (228-2500-251).STEP (4.5 MB)
12-Tooth Hybrid Gear (228-2500-250).STEP (1.8 MB)


Thanks for getting to us.

Now to get to work with them

The 36-Tooth Hybrid Gear STEP file has errors. See screen shot below.

I think I got it patched up. It is saved as a simpler format of STEP file. Let me know how it works for you.
36 Tooth Hybrid Gear (228-2500-252).STEP (8.4 MB)


Yes that worked.


FYI, The hybrid gears simplified a 1:2 drive train significantly

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