Vex IQ middle school waitlist for Worlds


I wanted to know in what order the waitlist is prioritized for Vex IQ worlds for middle school? In the years gone by it was in World Skills ranking, is it still the same?


Teams selected from the Worlds Waitlists are picked randomly. It is not based on any objective metric.


Thanks for the prompt reply Ryan!

I am curious to understand if this is a change this year because calls based upon the skills ranking will seem fair for the teams in competitive regions in comparison to random draw?


Getting a random draw for getting an invitation for Worlds Championship may demotivate the teams to put their best efforts in getting to the top of the skills ranking going forward. A highly competitive team who is putting in days of effort to make their skills ranking better should deserve a better chance to participate in the Worlds Championship.

Vex IQ Worlds Championship is a renowned worldwide event and teams are taking pride in reaching that milestone to qualify for it. This random draw can significantly demotivate the students in putting their heart and soul into their work as they know this will be considered only till the regional qualification.


A highly competitive team who is putting in days of effort to make their skills ranking better DOES get a better chance at participating in the World Championships.

That’s why the Skills rankings & Skills qualifying spots exist.


Did you mean when the teams will be backfilled from the Waitlist, still the Skills ranking would be considered? Can you please elaborate on how and when the skills ranking will be used to get an invitation to the Worlds? There is so much ambiguity about this, and your response can help us in understanding. Thank you.

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Teams can qualify to worlds based on their Skills scores. If a team is working to improve their skills score over the course of the season, they are inherently giving themselves a better chance at qualifying for Worlds.

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Seems like most of the calls are coming for teams from organizations even the teams who did not make to state. No private teams getting calls even with high skills score… unfortunate.

I had two teams qualify off of the waitlist LAST NIGHT. Payment must be made by SUNDAY!!! They have good scores this season, but not good skills at the regional tournament. It seems like there is some weight coming from the world skills ranking of teams that are placed on the waitlist.

They probably think that releasing the selection criteria is going to cause a lot more problems than not releasing it. So, they just say “randomly.” At the end of the day, there’s no “fair” way to fill the last few spots at the last minute. My personal preference is that they bring in better teams over random teams.


@bkahl that is a fair point, however their have been cases when something happens the day of regionals. For example, I talked to a member from MS team 610A is 28th in the world in skills ranking. Despite this, there code got deleted the day of regionals for them and they’re in one of the worlds hardest regions, Ontario Canada. Teams better than him are going to worlds and it would be a simple, effective, fair change to make it where the waitlist goes via skills.

It’s almost like getting in of the waitlist is random!

And I do know of at least 1 private team who got in off waitlist. Significantly more school organizations will get in that private clubs, because there are more school teams than private teams.

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Yep, one of our teams was picked from the waitlist, and we’re not a “school” organization. As for randomness, here’s some insight:


I can confirm with 100% certainty that the invites are indeed random. A school from Indiana just got 2 teams invited-and they never even went to a Signature event or the State competition. :woman_shrugging:t2:

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I stand corrected. Perhaps it’s random by their own parameters. These two teams went to a “Girl Powered” event early in the season. It’s unfortunate they were more interested in getting girls than merit. Had they actually made merit part of the equation, they would have realized that one of our top teams is all female. No, they did not get an invite.
You’re not helping women in tech when you pull this kind of stuff guys…

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What was their skills score?

126 and 140

Not heinous. But this is middle school. I expect better than that if you’re skipping over teams with 172 who actually went to state.

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I’m in an all-girls team. We are not picked.
A team(not an all-girl team) with ~60 pts less than ours in Skills score got picked, from the same region.
It does seem random.

Are you sure that your team was on the waitlist to begin with? Did you see it with your own eyes?

Whatever algorithm they used, I doubt that they would be looking at state rosters. Over 120 will be at least a decent partner. You would be surprised how many clawbots you encounter.

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Did you ask me the same question in another thread?
Yes I’m 100% sure we are on the waitlist.

You will see more data points to prove the picks are not performance-based.