Vex IQ Motor Maximum RPM

i was just wondering what the vex IQ motors max rpm is (at 100% speed)

On brain, from homescreen, x-button once, down-button once (Devices), check-button, up&down-buttons to port with motor, check-button runs it, up&down-buttons speed up, slow down. (From memory)

I believe the rpm is calculated from the IME, sure does jump around. I’ve seen 120 rpm, kind remember seeing that on Forum. Guess I’ll go search it now… From search:

That is no-load. Fun thing I had elementary kids do, write program that drives a set distance, calculate mph, show on lcd. Then try different gear ratios.

Easy enough to do rpm, instantaneous and averaged.


Max free speed, via motor specs on vex site is 120 rpm.

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thanks, i was trying to do that

except im metric not imperial

Ah, you live in a sane country?

Show code if you like, 3 ``` (upper left key on keyboard) on separate line before and after. Looks like:

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yeah i live in New Zealand the best Country at robotics

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