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Howdy all,

I am new to VEX IQ platform. Students built robot for game to pick up buckyballs. Problem is in the motors. When they lift weight of arm cases it to drop back down.
I noticed in drive mode motors do not do this. Seems like they have a fault or coding to prevent rollback. Any tips would be great thanks! :eek:

What software are you using for programming?

You may want to look into the “Motor Brake Mode”.


We are using Modkit for Vex


There is a Smart Motor dark blue block in Modkit called “Set Holding to On/Off” that will solve this problem.

When this block is set to On, the Smart Motor will hold its position and resist as much as possible any attempts to back drive it. This acts like a brake.

When this block is set to Off, the Smart Motor will coast and will not resist back driving.


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Thanks Art,

I will try this… Will this work when using just the drag and drop function??


J. Reed

We are using the set hold motor for the arms for the squared away game. We have two
Motors driving the arm. The setup works but a few things that the team is noticing are

  1. the batters drains fast
  2. after a few practice run continuous say 15 min of team practicing on the board. the brick starts flashing red.
  3. the motors make the stalling noise

Is all this because of the motor hold?? Will it burn the motor


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