VEX IQ - New team forming for competition - what extra parts should we invest in?

We are forming a new team for competition this year. All members of our group have invested in the Super Kits (IQ). For building 'bots for competition, what extra parts should we be investing in to modify them?
I’ve looked around, and there isn’t a clear guide or suggestions for stocking up on parts for a good custom build. From visiting previous competitions, it appears that established teams have a good stockpile of parts. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I would invest in at least two Omni-Directional wheels on each robot. When they try to use only rubber wheels, it will drag too much on the plastic floor when turning. It’s actually a good opportunity for a lesson for your kids on Turning Scrub.

200mm Travel Omni-Directional Wheel (2-pack)…/228-2536.html

The Competition Add-On Kit is pretty good - onmi wheels, extra motors, few other nice bits. The ultimate competition kit is a Super Kit + Competition Add-On Kit + Foundation Add-On Kit…you’ll probably never need anything else.

Although we didn’t need them last year, I am getting a set of long smart cables and more packs with long 2X20s. Not sure if the kits have the odd 2X’s, but the kids use lots of those.

I would buy the Super kits since it gives you a good start and also some idea what is out there. I wouldn’t buy any other kits after that, I would find out what you need from a design perspective and order that. No matter how many kits you get you will be placing orders for something else anyway. Like different length shafts, motors, odd piece lengths, etc…

Also, I would recommend six omni wheels so your team can get used to an H ‘strafe’ drive. There is a lot of benefit to that in IQ since the field size for turnaround is limited and, in many designs, it speeds up execution