vex iq next level, 13 points, 42 seconds, working alone

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That’s pretty neat - really good modifications of the Flex starter robot, it seems pretty efficient too!
Perhaps, you could make the hook stationary and use the second motor for additional power to the arm? This would make hanging at the end a much easier task, or you could even program some additional buttons on your controller that when pressed, automatically put the hook into the right position.

We practiced last night and got the score up to 17.

Have tried dual motors before. It puts a lot of stress on the black pieces that tie the frame together. They tend to pull apart. A movable hook shifts the center of gravity and does not stress the frame. It’s also easier to program.

The kids’ work paid off. They swept 3 of 4 trophies and are qualified for state and national both.

Ah, yeah, would make sense.

17’s a very respectable score, especially in the Driver Control Challenge - congratulations on the trophies and qualifications!

They got 21 in the ‘team’ part, 11 in autonomous (need to work on this). Most of the time was spent getting in/out of the way of the other team.

Hey, we have a competition soon, do you know where we can find the instructions?

robotevents has the rules

no the instructions to the robot

The robot in the video… we have complete build and programming instructions, step by step, on the youtube channel.

Ok thanks so much! That was of big help.