vex iq next level, 45 seconds

1 robot working. 12 points. 45 seconds.

2 motors on main lift arm. Helps a LOT with the hang challenge.

Secondary lift on end of main arm. Allows yellow ring to be reached.

Controllable hook to achieve high hang. Main lift arm did not have enough travel. And this pivot hook also changes the center of mass… allows the robot to level almost perfectly. Increases vertical hang by3-4 inches all by itself.

Normal/half speed for fine control. Kids found they are faster on the ‘slow’ setting than the ‘normal’ setting.

We also put limits on the lift 1, lift 2, and hook arm travel. Used the rotation counter. No switches needed. If you travel too far, it stops. Then it will only travel in the reverse direction.

New prototype. very little mod needed from base design.

2 robots
22 points
48 seconds

a. 2 stage lift, moveable hook
b. 1 stage lift, moveable hook