vex iq next level, autonomous, 11 points, 55 seconds

With respect to your question in the official thread, yes, you can pick up the robot, put it back in a starting position, then press a button to have it go hang. If any scoring objects are in the robot when you want to pick it up, they must be removed

[quote=“VEX IQ Manual, page 28, <PSC1>”] A Team may handle their Robot as many times as desired during a Programming Skills Match.
a. Upon handling the Robot, it must be immediately brought back to any legal Starting Position.
i. Drivers may reset or adjust the Robot as desired from this position, including pressing buttons on the Robot Brain or activating sensors.[/quote]

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The touch led is used for triggering the program to proceed to the high-hang phase. Much quicker than stopping/starting a new program.

I find the bumper to be more reliable.