vex iq next level, autonomous, 21 points, 53 seconds

Finally got it. During the process we found some very strange problem with the brain skipping over code commands at random. We used a lot of broadcasts. So either they never got broadcast or the wheel module never received them. Had to add a wait statement as part of each block of commands.

I posted on your YouTube page but…
I don’t think you can move the robot if it is in control of a hub(touching) I could be wrong?

We thought the same thing too, but I checked the robotevents:

Or am I misunderstanding you?

Once the hubs are in the score zone… I would not think they would ‘unscore’ them.

First, there isn’t anything that says a hub can’t be “unscored”. A possible concern from the video is based on <PSC1> which is related to the Q&A link you included. Here is the full text of <PSC1>:

Programming Skills Match Specific Rules
<PSC1> A Team may handle their Robot as many times as desired during a Programming Skills Match.
a. Upon handling the Robot, it must be immediately brought back to any legal Starting Position.
i. Drivers may reset or adjust the Robot as desired from this position, including pressing buttons on the Robot Brain or activating sensors.
b. If the Robot is possessing any Hubs when the Robot is being handled, these Hubs will be removed from the Field and can no longer be used.
c. If there are any Hubs in the Starting Position where the Robot is being placed, these may be moved out of the Starting Position, provided that they are not

Particularly the text in b. referring to possessing, which unfortunately is not defined in the manual. When the student picks up the robot it touches/moves the yellow hub. Depending upon how you define “possess” some may say that hub shouldn’t be counted. It would be safer to have the robot back up a little so it does not touch any hubs when being handled by the student.

Great skills run! My daughter is working on a nearly identical one right now.


Yeah. The ‘possessing’ is vague, and a judge could really ruin your dayon that one. we have added a .6 delay, reverse, and arm zero degree drop to the floor to prepare for the next phase.

Also. We are having real problems with different robots running the auto code differently. :frowning:

The turns are a problem. Some robots turn sharper than others… makes you have to redo the code.

It was a HUGE help to do manual control (not using drive base) of the motors. Programmed a ‘forward’ turn. we run the inside motor at 33% speed and 1/3 the distance. the outside motor is full speed and distance. It causes the robot to move forward and turn at the same time. Very useful for not losing hubs while turning. If you watch the video, the turn across the back that grabs all 4 orange hubs is one of those turns… only 1 command needed.

When the program ends it appears to not be touching the hubs, so I think you are good there, but when the student picks up the robot the robot hits the hub and moves them both times. Go for a reverse. The robot does not have to be completely stopped when the student picks it up, just be sure it’s cleared.

Also, remember that when resetting the robot you do not need to be under 15". That’s only for the beginning of the match.