Vex IQ Not Connecting To Controller

Our robot is working, however when we are driving it stops and says “Connect Controller” and then the driving continues again. We have replaced both the brain and the controller, reinserted the radio modules, and pushed the joysticks inward. It happens very frequently and we do not know how to fix it. Can anyone be of assistance to our issue?

                                                                                                  Thank You!
                                                                                                Hunter Bridges

Significant radio interference? What kind of radio are you using (900MHz, 2.4GHz or Smart Radio)? Are you using multiple kits at the same time?

We have multiple kits. This happened many times and we tried swapping among other suggestions. When nothing worked, replacing the radio modules with new ones finally fixed it. You can see the radio “loss” count in the brain.

Dear nenik, we have a 900 MHz. It happens everywhere such as in the class where we have multiple kits running or at competitions.