Vex IQ not connecting to vexcode

I am having trouble getting my vex IQ to connect to my vexcode IQ blocks. I am on a windos 10 laptop. The vexos utility works fine and is able to recognize and update the brain fine, but when I open vexcode, the only thing under the brain menu is no brain connected. I am using the same cable for both. I am making sure to shut down vexos before opening vexcode.

You can check if the computer is detecting anything by going to the device manager. Then View > Show Hidden Devices. Then in the Ports (COM & LPT). I can’t remember what it looks like if it’s connected but it should show something. (To make sure it’s not VEXcode’s fault).

I find changing to a another cable usually fixes the issue - and it isn’t VEXcode’s fault.

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Computer is recognizing the device. Vexos is able to communicate , shows correct ports being used, etc… the cable works for vexos. Only vexcode is unable to connect.

Hey @Manauman, I’m one of the VEXcode developers. Are you still having issues connecting? You can try restarting the computer or if that also doesn’t work try reinstalling VEXcode IQ if you are able to.

If that still doesn’t work, you could give us the make and model of the laptop and we can start looking in to the issue from there.




Ok we did a reinstall on one of the laptops as a test. Our new Tech said she modified the permissions from what they had been previously and she would reload it on the rest of it worked. That one is connecting fine now so we should have the other ones working fine tomorrow. Thanks for the input everyone.

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