Vex IQ Not Going On Track

Our VEX IQ is not running on our track. It will run on the ground but not on the track


There are many people who can help here, but you are going to have to better explain what you are trying to do, and what is actually happening.

From your other posts, I assume you are trying to drive a robot that was built from the book with the remote, using the standard driver control program. What track are you talking about?

We are trying to drive on the VEX IQ track. For the bankshot

From what you’ve explained, there is no reason the robot would work on the ground, but not on the VEX IQ playing field.

Aloha Hunter,
Are you calling the VEX IQ Field the VEX IQ Track? When you say “not running on track” is the robot operating correctly but there seems to be no traction? I’ll be glad to help if you can clarify a bit.


It is the field

Is the colour sensor plugged in and are you using the default Driver Control program on the Brain? If so, the colour sensor is probably getting confused with the reflections from the white surface and occasionally seeing red in error, which will disable the robot. Unplug the colour sensor, turn the robot off and on and then try again.