VEX IQ OBS Match Recorder

Hello everyone!!!

Over the past few weeks, I have been developing an OBS Script using Python to time, and record VEX IQ Practice matches simultaneously! My goal in making this is to get as many teams as possible to be able to record and time their matches with ease so that sharing match footage with other teams will be easier than ever! Although it’s run pretty slick on the computers I’ve ran it on, I would absolutely love some feedback on how well it works for you. It may have support for VRC s :eyes: n :tm:, as that would be pretty easy to implement. In the README, it is mentioned that using is recommended. It’s a great platform that lets your webcam act as a browser source in OBS. This means that many different cameras/devices will be able to all connect to this match recorder if you would want to have many teams practicing at the same time, for example, in a Live Remote Tournament setup.

Installing this Script does involve installing Python 3.6.8, so I can see why it may be impossible to use for many teams. If this becomes a big enough problem, I will consider making this an OBS Plugin in C, which would require just downloading the code.

Please try this out and let me know how it goes! (All of the instructions for the setup are found in the README at the bottom of the following page)


Hey again! :wave:

Has anyone tried this yet? If so, I would love to hear the results! Thanks!


I tried this OBS VEX IQ timer, and although it is a little bit of work to get going initially, I could totally see this as being a great resource that many teams could use to record and share match video. It’s overall really great, easy, and fun to use. I can’t wait to see teams make use of this, and good luck to everyone this season!


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