VEX IQ on Mac

Greetings. I am a tech teacher with an all iMac lab. What are my best and newest options for using Macs to program VEX IQ robots? Some of my students are quite advanced and fast learners, so I would like both block coding and script (Python? JavaScript?) coding options, preferably within the same software, so I don’t have to load tons of software on my machines.

Please advise. Thank you very much.

At the moment I would say your only option that ticks these boxes is Robot Mesh Studio (Blockly and Python in same interface). ROBOTC doesn’t have a Mac option and VEXBlocks has Mac but no text coding.

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Gotta say, RMS is great, also look at VEXcode IQ Blocks, lots good about it and

not sure how Text and Blocks will link together, RMS is one-way to Python, two-way link would be golden…


The MAC version of VEXcode IQ Blocks is great, been testing it out and very impressed.

Sometime this fall they plan they plan to release VEXcode IQ Text.


Thanks very much for the replies.

Sounds like I should try out VEXcode IQ Blocks for most of my students, and more advanced students can try out Robot Mesh (RMS) using Python.

Also, is Modkit unnecessary now, since we now have VEXcode IQ Blocks?


Yes - IQ Blocks can completely replace Modkit on the desktop. And the 1.0 release on iOS, when it comes out in the near future, should be able to completely replace Modkit on the iPad as well.

It’s also a welcome step up in ease of use - while they’re similar overall, the most annoying quirks of Modkit are absent from IQ Blocks, and the interface is cleaner and more intuitive IMO.

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Robot Mesh Studio works well for students at all levels.


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