Vex IQ Programming Options for right now

The Question:
What can I use to program the Vex IQ NOW?

The Story:
We host a summer camp teaching kids to build and program robots. Last year we Vex RC and loved using them to teach with. Then we heard about the Vex Competition so we put together a team from kids that attended the camp and we ended up going to world competition in Anaheim. While there we saw the release of the Vex IQ so we ordered several kits to use during the Elementary Weeks of our camp this year. Our camp start tomorrow and I haven’t been able to find where to download the software to program them. If we can’t program the IQs then we will use the Vex RC with RobotC for Cortex but we would really like to use the Vex IQ.

Thanks for your help,

VEX IQ kits that are currently shipping have some user configurable options built into the Robot Brain, including control style and motor direction. Unfortunately there are no programming software options available right now.

We are working with a number of partners to provide programming options for the new VEX IQ Robot Brain (including ROBOTC, and MODKIT – both of whom presented at the VEX IQ Unveiling in April at the VEX World Championship). Stay tuned for more details on release dates.