Vex IQ programming tools for 2018-2019

Edited: I saw this morning a similar question was already asked (but I noted that question was only partially answered by Vex Staff).

With EDR V5 and Vex Coding Studio coming online what programming tools will be available and work with Vex IQ? are the current software offerings going to be supported (RobotC, Modkit, RobotMesh Python) along with the new Coding Studio or will current options be replaced by Coding Studio? and will the Coding Studio run on a Mac? And will it be able to be installed on a Mac/PC (i.e. won’t require an internet connection to use it).

That said and I know this is an IQ forum… but to make this easy on me… in addition to the Coding Studio… what third party software options will we have with V5? (RobotC? Matlab/Simulink? PROS?) Asking for a friend.