VEX IQ Project - Plotter/Printer


The video won’t play.

You have a link, or is it private?

Looks like a fun project!!

Try this link

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That one worked for me. Looks cool, is there details like how big the plot area is?

How did you do the up/down pen control?

so the x movement is done by 2 motors, the y movement is done by 1 motor, and the up and down is done with 1 motor that is used as a servo

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Any chance of getting project files for C++? None of my brains run RobotC

Should be fairly trivial to translate from RobotC to VEXcode, I’ll take a look.


I opened source code, its well organized so should really straightforward to port. Only annoying detail is its different program for each drawing. Should be able to just grab each drawX function from each program though as the the helper functions already act as most of a HAL.


I have no remote idea of how to convert a C program into a C++ program. Is there a step-by-step I could follow? Or a tool to automate it?

It’s simply a case of converting APIs calls and replacing where a VEXcode equivalent does not exist, however, there are other issues, the code will be too large to run when converted for IQ generation 1. RobotC uses a virtual machine architecture, most of the memory in the IQ is given to the VM (about 80k) the RobotC program is then converted to opcodes the VM can understand and execute, this makes the RobotC programs quite compact, in the case of the plotter programs they will be about 8-10k. A quick conversion to IQ gen 2 generated about 55k of code, that’s way beyond the 32k we allow for a program on IQ generation 1, so I doubt it would work. For IQ gen 1 just stay with the RobotC program (RobotC is free to download and install). If you are interested in code for IQ2 I can generate that, but I wont have time until next weekend. It’s fairly simple, but the screen display needs a little TLC as RobotC used an inverted coordinate system as compared to VEXcode (origin of screen is different).